Due to COVID 19, our training classes are cancelled until May or maybe even until September 2021. Once we can restart safely, registration will begin a month before classes begin.

For your first training session of the year (Sept. to May), you must complete a registration form. This form can be found by clicking on the links below.

Having registered once using the form, you can use a simpler method (Re-Register the Easy Way) for the rest of the training year because we will already have most of your information on file.

Payment must be made in full before classes begin.

For class descriptions and dates, check out our Classes page.

Use the buttons below to register for classes if this is your first time registering during this training year (Sept to May).

Re-Register the Easy Way  

For classes starting in November, January, March/April, if you have already registered once during the current training year, then you may simply email the following information to the training secretary at training@nyoc.ca:

Your name and

  • Dog #1’s name
  • Dog’s age
  • Previous Class
  • Desired Class

If you have a second dog, please include:

  • Dog #2’s name
  • Dog’s age
  • Previous Class
  • Desired Class


Please pay for your next class(es) ASAP. We cannot hold spaces if you have not paid in full. Payment must be made before classes begin.

To read our Policies and Procedures for Registering, go to Policies and Procedures.