We have members who compete and earn titles every year. Here are a few helpful hints in interpreting the titles listed below.

  • Once a dog has won a title, that title becomes part of his official name. The dog’s call name is put at the end of his registered name and is put in quotes. Here is an example for a pretend dog whose official registered name is: Best Dog in the World CGN “Good Dog”
  • This dog’s registered or official name is Best Dog in the World; he has earned his CGN title (Canine Good Neighbour) and his family and friends call him Good Dog.
  • CH means Champion. Championships are listed before the dog’s registered name. Championships are won for conformation, i.e., how close the dog’s form is to the standard for the breed. Can/Am CH means the dog has earned both a Canadian and American championship.
  • The initials in brackets e.g ., (CKC, or AKC or UK) refer to the regulating body, e.g., Canadian Kennel Club/American Kennel Club/United Kingdom). In Canada, CKC is often omitted because a title is assumed to be CKC unless otherwise stated.
  • To understand the process for earning Obedience titles (and most other titles), look at our Obedience Terms.
  • To understand what the initials mean, see our List of Titles. There are so many new dog sports that this list may not contain all the titles so when in doubt, google!
  • For most titles, a dog must qualify (meaning achieve a certain score) in three different trials to earn the title. Usually, it takes more than three attempts! In the chart below, the phrase ‘in three straight’ or ‘three in a row’ means that the dog earned his/her title in only three trials. And that is not easy to do!


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