We offer training classes at various levels of ability for purebred and mixed breed dogs of all sizes.  It is not necessary for you to be a club member in order to take our classes. 

NYOC Dog Training regrets to announce that all of our training classes for the spring session are cancelled.  Any money that has been paid for the spring session will be refunded. Please contact training@nyoc.ca if you have questions about your refund.

We expect to resume training in September 2020.  We hope to post training dates for the fall session by July 1 but this will depend on what is happening with Covid-19.

Please continue to check here and in the ‘What’s New’  section of this website for updates.

See below for class descriptions and times. Before registering, please check out our Training PhilosophyFAQs, and our Policies and Procedures as well.

There is no magic wand in dog training.  We hope that our training classes will be fun for your dog. The classes will be work for you, though! Enjoyable work, hopefully!  You will need to work with your dog 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes each preferably in a variety of locations e.g., at home, outside, away from home, in order for you and your dog to gain as much as possible from the classes.