Dog Sports and Trials

Today, there are many dog sports e.g., obedience, rally, tracking, scent detection, flyball, agility and disc throwing.  If you like a challenge, these sports include competitions called trials which test the dog/human partnership through a series of pre-determined exercises.

  • Obedience begins by testing the basics like heeling and sitting but goes on to jumping, off leash heeling and ever more intricate training.
  • Rally turns basic obedience into a series of fun manoeuvres almost like doing a dance.
  • Tracking and scent detection focus on the very best skill dogs have: their sense of smell.
  • Flyball is for dogs who are quick on their feet.
  • Agility is like a playground for dogs where they can run, jump, and climb up, over and through obstacles.
  • Disc throwing is so incredible, it has even been featured as the half-time entertainment at football games!

Visit the Canadian Kennel Club’s website to get a quick overview of sixteen dog sports.

NYOC holds four obedience trials and four rally trials every year in June.  Trials are a great way to see how far you and your dog have come in your training.  And they are a great place to see how the ‘pros’ work with their dogs.


Dog Sports and Titles

In most competitive events, there are different levels that test the skills competitors have developed.  As you and your canine partner climb the ladder of skills in a dog sport, you can earn titles.  Dog sports have become so popular that the number of titles increases every year!

As an example, let’s use Obedience Trials. The first three obedience titles are Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent and Utility Dog.  Earning a Utility Dog title is a bit like getting a PhD! And then you can go beyond even that!

NYOC has members who compete and earn titles every year; a few of our members have earned the highest titles offered in obedience, tracking and rally! Their names are proudly listed in our Hall of Honour.

To learn more about Obedience Titles, see our chart on Obedience terms.