The NYOC Hall of Honour recognizes those members and their dogs who have earned titles at the excellent level or above. For more information about the Hall of Honour, see *** below.


Hall of Honour 2023


Previous Years

2022, 2021,  2020,  2019,  2018,  20172016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

*** In 2015, NYOC decided to broaden the criteria for the Hall of Honour and to make the criteria retroactive to 2011 when this website was created.

Today, the following criteria determine which dogs are admitted to the NYOC Hall of Honour:

  • The performance event must be one in which all breeds can participate.
  • Titles for the Hall of Honour were originally tied into NYOC’s current and historical focus on canine performance events: obedience, rally, tracking, flyball and agility.
  • These titles all had to be and still have to be at the CKC ‘excellent’ level or higher:
    • Obedience: Utility Dog – UD also called OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion)
    • Tracking: Tracking Dog Excellent -TDX
    • Agility: Agility Excellent – AGX
    • Rally-O: Rally Excellent – RE
    • Flyball: Flyball Master Excellent – FMX
  • CKC has now extended the dog sports for which it awards titles. All CKC dog sports are now considered for the Hall of Honour if they are at an excellent level.
  • International titles equivalent to CKC titles may be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Honour e.g., Do More With Your Dog Trick Titles at the Expert Level.
  • Titles awarded by recognized organisations outside of CKC may also be considered provided they are equivalent in difficulty to CKC titles.
  • Special awards and accomplishments may be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Honour including high level titles from performance events not listed above.

(To understand the progression of titles, please see our list of titles. To understand how one progresses from the beginning of performance event to the highest levels, see our chart on Obedience Terms.)