Please read the following policy statements about registering and attending dog training classes. By sending in an application form, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accepted the following statements.

Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Training Questions.  The information there will help you decide if NYOC has appropriate training classes for you and your dog.


Payments, Refunds and Registration Process

  • Class size is limited and is made up in the order in which applications are received.
  • Reservations are not made by telephone.  You can register in one of two ways:
    • emailing the registration form and paying online
    • mailing in a cheque with an application form (Inform the training secretary if you do this.)
  • After classes are filled, all other applications and fees will be returned.
  • Payment must be made in full before classes begin.
  • Due to a heavy demand for available space, a handler who withdraws less than 7 days prior to the start date of class is subject to a $25 administration fee. This will be retained from the training fees refunded.
  • No refund of fees will be made after the term begins, for pre-registrants, for missed classes or for those who enroll in the session after the first class.
  • No reduction is made to fees for late registrants.

Health Requirements

  • AN UP-TO-DATE COPY OF THE RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE issued by your veterinarian must accompany the registration form for the first session you attend in each training year.  For insurance purposes, we must see the original certificate, a scanned copy or a photo at least once a year.  You can send a photo or scanned copy along with your registration or bring it to the first class.  Your dog will not be permitted to participate in the class without proof of rabies vaccination.  Three year rabies vaccinations are acceptable. The requirement for a rabies certificate does not apply to puppies awaiting their final vaccinations.
  • If your dog is a female and she is in season, DO NOT bring her to class; however, we strongly encourage you to come and observe the class without your dog.
  • Dogs who are sick should not come to class; however, we strongly encourage you to come and observe the class without your dog.

Safety Issues

  • The NYOC values the care and safety of all dogs and handlers enrolled. If, in the opinion of the NYOC Instructor and/or Training Director, your dog represents a problem or potential hazard to other dogs or persons in the class, you will be asked to withdraw from the class and a prorated refund will be provided, the amount of which shall be determined by the NYOC Training Director. The decision of the Training Director is final. If you and your dog are asked to leave the class, we will suggest private trainers or other training facilities that might be appropriate for you and your dog.
  • The NYOC will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any dog, person or property whether the result of an accident or otherwise.


We hope that the classes will be fun for your dog. (The classes will be work for you!  Hopefully enjoyable work!)  There is no magic wand in dog training. You will need to work with your dog for approximately 15 minutes every day (two or three short sessions are best) preferably in a variety of locations e.g., at home, outside, away from home, in order for you and your dog to gain as much as possible from the classes.