May 012012

We asked our members ‘Why do you love your dog?‘ and here is what Janet, Janice and Jann had to say.

Janet H

I love my dogs because dogs love unconditionally. If I am upset, they are determined to make it better, and usually succeed! In my opinion, there are few things prettier than a bunch of Shelties playing in a grassy field on a sunny day!





What is there not to love about one’s dog?

  • their undying devotion;
  • their happiness is contagious and their zest for life;
  • they rarely complain and are delighted with the smallest gift such as a very small and hard stale biscuit;
  • no matter how long you’re gone (for five minutes or two weeks), their joy to see you is like no other;
  • their tail wags and kisses;
  • their compassion and sense of humour.

Who wouldn’t love her dog?




My dog keeps me going, even when I don’t want to do anything. She makes me move and gives me one of the biggest reasons to not only carry on but to carry on with humour and a smile! She is my snuggle bunny!

 May 1, 2012  Posted by on May 1, 2012
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