Jun 012012

We asked our members “Why do you love your dog?” and here is what Laura, Marci and Marg had to say.

Laura D.

I love my dogs because they are so interested and interesting, and have given me laughter and great comfort over the years. They have opened up new worlds, introducing me to people and activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I’ve met great people and formed lasting friendships because of my dogs. They are happy to see me whenever I walk in the door, and they snuggle up with me to watch TV or read a book. Each one has been unique, and added something special to my life. I just wish they wouldn’t hog the covers.



My dogs and I have explored tracking, obedience, dog dancing, frisbee dog (that was particularly pathetic) and we love walking in the woods. I love my dogs because they make me laugh and enthusiastically eat anything I cook, no matter how horrid. Also, they’re dogs!!!!! They have a leg on each corner and that appeals to my sense of symmetry.



I love my dogs because they make me laugh! And I’m sure that I make them laugh, too.

 June 1, 2012  Posted by on June 1, 2012
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