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We asked our members “Why do you love your dog?” and here is what Marie, Sharon and Susan had to say.


I love my dogs because they give me joy just being with me and competing in all different events.





Sharon T.

I love our standard poodle, Cairo, because he adds laughter and new experiences to our lives, such as Cairo stealing the paté off the table or riding on a surfboard. Because of Cairo, I have explored parks and paths in Toronto, Guelph, Algonquin and places in between. I have met new people and learned new tricks myself. I may not be a real dog person, but I know my life is better because of Cairo.


I love my dogs because they bring me down to down to earth, remind me to live in the present and be observant, and they teach me many different things in unexpected ways. There is never a day when they do not make me smile and remind me what love is all about. Susan (2)

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