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We asked our members ‘Why do you love your dog?” and here is what Dee, Susan and Sylvia had to say.


My dogs and I spend a lot of time hiking the trails of Toronto. We also swim, boat, trek and just hang out at the cottage. I take the dogs with me everywhere I can and they have all been great travelers – whether by car or by air.






There is nothing I do with my dogs that I don’t enjoy. I am always looking for new activities except for flyball; the noise is too much! We have done carting, taken classes in field, agility, obedience and rally obedience, tracking, freestyle and tricks, and dabbled in dock-diving. We have even ventured into the new sport of treiball, which originated in Holland. In fact, learning new things is the most enjoyable activity we do together, even when it does not lead to titles or competition. The enthusiasm our dogs show for new activities and the excitement they exhibit when working at these things is the best reward I can imagine for the effort we put into these activities!



I have enjoyed the companionship of very different breeds over the years. I no longer have Irish Wolfhounds. Both passed away last year. The last of my Irish Wolfhounds, Dorie, was truly a blessing. I had cancer surgery two years ago and when I came home from hospital, I was very weak and needed daily nursing care. Dorie, who had always slept on the floor at the foot of my bed took it upon herself to change her habit and slept at the side of my bed. When it was time for me to get up, it was a struggle but as soon as my feet swung over the side of the bed, Dorie was right there and, at thirty- seven inches at the shoulder, she gave me the support I needed to get out of bed and down my hall to the kitchen or the bathroom. If it was the bathroom, she would wait for me outside the door and then escort me back to bed with my hand on her shoulder for support. She did this for just under two weeks and then went back to her usual routine, sleeping at the foot of my bed. I’ve been involved in the therapy dog visitation program for sixteen years and although Dorie was not a certified therapy dog she provided all the love and attention possible to me during my time of need. Dorie passed away peacefully but I must say I don’t recall in my 50+ years in dogs, feeling a loss as great as this one.

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