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We have members who compete and earn titles every year. Here are a few helpful hints in interpreting the titles listed below.

  • Once a dog has won a title, that title becomes part of his name. The dog’s call name is put at the end of his registered name and is put in quotes. So My Canine Companion CGN “Good Dog” is registered as My Canine Companion; he has earned his CGN title (Canine Good Neighbour) and his family and friends call him Good Dog.
  • CH means Champion. Championships are listed before the dog’s registered name. Championships are won for conformation, ie how close the dog’s form is to the standard for the breed. Can/Am CH means the dog has earned both a Canadian and American championship.
  • The initials in brackets e.g ., (CKC) refer to the regulating body, e.g., Canadian Kennel Club.
  • To understand the process for earning an Obedience championship works, look at our Obedience Terms.
  • To understand what the initials mean, see our List of Titles. There are so many new dog sports that this list may not contain all the titles so when in doubt, google!
  • For most titles, a dog must qualify (meaning achieve a certain score) in three different trials to earn the title. Usually, it takes more than three attempts! In the chart below, the phrase ‘in three straight’ or ‘three in a row’ means that the dog earned his/her title in only three trials.
  • See Titles Earned in previous years – Titles Earned 2015  Titles Earned 2014 Titles Earned 2013 Titles Earned 2012 Titles Earned 2011

Titles Earned 2016

NYOC Member Dog’s Registered Name, Call Name, and Breed Titles and Honours won in 2016 Photo
Marie-P Babin MBPISS BPIS BISS GCh. Castlegar Elroy At Autumwynd  PCD CGN RN RI
“Elroy” Labrador Retriever
Conformation Championship, Grand Champion. PCD CGN RN RI (all gold) Elroy
Marie Babin Alt-Ch. Ch. Autumwynd Frankie Starlite CDX RE TD CGN SDDA-SD-A
“Frankie” Labrador Retriever
Alt-Championship Frankie 2016
Claudia Brabazon Staghorn’s Black Magic  RN
“Magic” Labrador Retriever
 RN (in three straight)
Janet Chau  Bodeswell Barnaby Jones CGN PCD
“Barnaby” Chinese Crested
 PCD (in three straight) Barnaby 2016
Laura Dawson  Enchantment’s Avenger PCD RN CGN CARO CRN
“Banner” Miniature Poodle
 CRN Banner 2
Eileen Fisher Goldencol’s Karamel Delight WC  TD  PCD  RN  RI CGN
“Kara” Golden Retriever
CGN RI RA (in three straight) kara-2016
Elaine Ford Ch. Carolot I C Is Having A Ceili CDX TD RE
“Kaeleigh”  Golden Retriever
RE Kaeleigh Open WDOC 2015
Dee Harrison GCh, U-Ch. U-RO1 Dinsdale Tarot of Greylog RE, PCD, CGN  “Tarot”  Std Schnauzer Grand Champion, RE Tarot
Dee Harrison Ch. U-Ch. U- RO1 Skansen’s Greylog Wild Card RE, RI,  AKC  RA, CGN
“Chance” Std. Schnauzer
RI (in three straight) Chance
Marie Houghton Cantope Hudson Houghton CGN, PCD, CD, RN
“Hudson” Std. Poodle
RN Hudson 3
Iris Jackson Ch. Stuttgart’s Royal Jubilee, CGN, PCD, RN
“Simon” German Shepherd Dog
Ch. PCD CGN RN (in three straight) Simon web
Irene Mullan OTCH Thistledoon On The Road Again PCD CDI  RE AGN CGN N-JWW I-JWW Am. CDX UKC CD SG ADC
“Roady”  Golden Retriever
OTCH RE (in three straight)  CKC AGIJ AKC NA & NAJ (both 3 straight) AAC AGN, SG Roady
Irene Mullan Batik Simply Amazing NTD
“Zina” Dalmatian
NTD (Novice Trick Dog) Zina
Sharon Palmer Jubilee Dark Side of the Moon CD, FDCH-s, RAE, CRXMCL, CRXT, CRS, AGMX, AGXJ, NP, JS-N, MSCDC, Bronze Award of Merit, ExStB, ExJB, ExScB, VBA, ExGS, ExST, IP, AKC, HT, CKC HA, HA-ds, SDI, HTT, AHBA HTADII-s, HTADI-d, HTDI-d, TT, CA, DOT, SPOT-ON, CGN AHBA  HRD111  CKC CA  IP
“Sky” Shetland Sheepdog
Ch., WTCH, ATChC, C-ATCH, U-CD, UR03, UAGII, VTCH, VCX Sharon & Sky 2015
Anne Passafiume Ch. Charbr Dancing by the Sea CDX, RAE, TD, AGN,  AGNJ, CGN
“Charleston” Portuguese Water Dog
RAE Gold Charleston 2016
Joan Ticknor Wiladon JoEd’s Silver Serenade  CD  CDI. RE  ANJ-Vet  AIJ-Vet  AKC  RE OA  OAJ  NF AAC.    ADC AADC SGDC CGN
“Seren”  Toy Poodle
Joan Ticknor Ch. Lyn-Del Aberwyn Enchanted Ceilidh RE CD CGN  AKC Ch. CD CGN
“Keira” Miniature Poodle
CD (in three straight)
Daniela Zanini Ch. Classical’s In the Limelight RN CGN
“Chaplin” Bearded Collie
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