Titles Earned – 2014


Congratulations to the NYOC members below who have won titles in 2014. We are very proud of you and your dogs!

And don’t miss going to the very end of the list to meet  Sky and Sharon Palmer – a dog and handler who have won an exceptional number of titles. Sky and Sharon were also invited to represent Canada in the 2014 Agility trials for disabled people which were held in Hungary and Italy. Sky came home with a Bronze, a Silver and 2 Gold Medals.

Titles Earned 2014

NYOC Member Dog’s Registered Name, Call Name, and Breed Titles and Honours won in 2014 Photo
Laura Dawson Enchantment’s Avenger RN CGN
“Banner” Miniature Poodle
PCD, RN (in three straight) Banner 2
Eileen Fisher CH. Victory’s Bean With The Devil CDX RE TDX W CD AGIS AGIJS UTD
“Dexter” Std. Wire Haired Dachshund
Judy Ford Enchantments Intensity Forever RA
“Krystal” Miniature Poodle
RA (in three straight)
Dee Harrison CH,U-Ch U-ROI Dinsdale Tarot of Greylog RN, (UKC) RN, PCD, CGN
“Tarot” Standard Schnauzer
(UKC) RN, (CKC) RN, (CKC) CH Tarot
Dee Harrison CH U-CH U-ROI Skansen’s Greylog Wild Card RA CGN (AKC) RN (UKC) RN
“Chance” Standard Schnauzer
(UKC) RN Chance
Marie Houghton Cantope Hudson Houghton CD CGN
“Hudson” Std. Poodle
PCD (in three straight), CD Hudson 3
Iris Jackson Stuttgart’s Royal Jubilee CGN
“Simon” German Shepherd

Simon web
Jane Killer Stormynights The Next Step RA, CGN, JDD
“Hartley” Golden Retriever
CGN RN (in three straight), RA Hartley - Rally Advanced Title 2
Janice Leet Burbrook Party Animal Higgins CD CGN RN
“Higgins” Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
RN Higgins
Pamela McGeachie Excuse My Dust CGN, RN,
“Dusty” Sheltie
CGN RN (in three straight)
Irene Mullan MOTCH, U-UD Thistledoon Tu Hot Fur Me WC, RA, (AKC) UD, RN, (UKC) UD, ROI, (NAMBR) CD
“Ouch” Golden Retriever
OTCHX, MOTCH, RA (in three straight), (AKC) UD RN, (UKC) UD ROI
Irene Mullan Thistledoon On The Road Again CD, RN, (AKC) CD, (UKC) CD
“Roady” Golden Retriever
PCD (in three straight), CD (in three straight), RN (in three straight), CD (UKC) (in three straight), AGN Roadie
Daryl Novak Kismutt’s Rusty Red Victorian, CDX, CDI, CD(Am), RE, RN(Am), CGN
“Rusty” Pomeranian
CDX (in three straight) (AKC) RN (in three straight)
Anne Passafiume CH. Charbr Dancing By The Sea CD, RA, TD, AGN, AGNJ, CGN
“Charleston” Portuguese Water Dog
AGNJ Charleston 2
Shireen Shishbiradaran Tyler CGN
“Tyler” Mixed Breed
Joan Ticknor Can. Ch. Royalwyn Joed’s Silver St. I Ain’t Can. CDX Am. CD Am./Can. RE Can Cgn.
“Silva” Toy Poodle
RE, (AKC) RE Silva 2
Joan Ticknor Wiladon Joed’s Silver Serenade Can. CD CDI Am. CD Can. NA AAC ADC Am. OA OAJ Am. RE Can RA Cgn.
“Seren” Toy Poodle
Joan Ticknor Am./Can. Ch. Lyn-Del Aberwyn Enchanted Ceilidh Can. CGN Am/Can RN Can RA
“Keira” Mini Poodle
Sharon Thurston Highprofile Every Day Is A Joy CGN, PCD, RN
“Coda” Standard Poodle
CGN, PCD, RN (in three straight) Sharon and Coda
Helena Tracz Ch Carnaby’s Ace High CD
“Shawn” English Cocker Spaniel
CD (in three straight) Shawn


Sharon Palmer and “Sky” Shetland Sheepdog Sky in HungaryCH. WTCH, ATChC, C-ATCH, U-CD, UR-03, Jubilee Dark Side of the Moon, VTCH, VCX, MVSN, CKC CD, MSCDC, ExGB, ExSB, AGMX, AGX, JS-N, ChST, RAE, CRNMCL, CRAMCL, CRXMCL, CRXT, CRS, FDCH-s, AKC HT, CKC HTT, CKC HI, HI-s, HA-d, SDI, AHBA HTADI-d, HTADII-s, HTDI-d, TT, CGN

In addition to the titles below, Sharon and Sky competed in the ParAgility World Cup in Hungary and Italy. (Agility is a timed competition where handlers direct their dogs through a numbered course, going over and through various obstacles, such as A-Frames, jumps, tunnels, teeter totter, and dog walk. Just like the Olympics have able bodied athletes and the Paralympics have athletes with disabilities, the IMCA World Cup Championship is for able bodied handlers and their dogs and the PAWC, ParAgility World Cup Championship is open to disabled handlers and their dogs.) Sky won Bronze and Silver in Standard and 2 Gold Medals in Jumpers. He will have a chance to defend his World Champion Title in Jumpers this year, as he has again been invited to represent Canada in the 2015 ParAgility World Cup in Austria.

But first and foremost, Sky is Sharon’s service dog. What a team!

Title # Organization Title Full Title
1 CKC Ha-d Herding Advanced – Ducks
2 CKC SDI SDI Stock Dog Intermediate Herding
3 AAC ExG Bronze Expert Gamble Bronze
4 AAC ExS Bronze Expert Snooker Bronze
5 CPE CL5-R CPE Level 5 -Regular- Agility
6 CPE CL5-F CPE Level 5 – Fun- Agility
7 CPE CL5-H CPE Level 5 – Handler- Agility
8 CPE CL5 S CPE Level 5 Strategy- Agility
9 CPE C-ATCH CPE Agility Trial Champion Agility
10 CPE ChST CPE Champion Standard- Agility
11 ASCA ATD-c Advanced Trial Dog – Cattle- Herding
12 ASCA WTCH Working Trial Champion- Herding
13 ASCA HTADII-s Herding Trial Arena Dog Level 2-sheep

Other Accomplishments in 2014

Since ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) started offering Herding Trials in 1957, there have only been 5 Shelties, who have earned the WTCH title (Working Trial Champion). Sharon’s Tyler and Sky are 2 of these 5 dogs.

Sky qualified for the Canadian Herding Championship in 2014 and finished in 5th place in both Ducks and Sheep
Sky had a 10th place finish in Gambles at AAC Agility Regionals and qualified for Nationals but Sharon and Sky couldn’t go to the Nationals.
Sky qualified for the CPE Agility Nationals in the States and will go there in April 2015.

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