Obedience Trials


Today, there are many activities that you can do with your dog beyond walks and fetch in the park. Some of these activities involve competition. Obedience trials test the dog/human partnership in a series of pre-determined exercises.  Tracking clubs train and bring out the very best skills dogs have: their sense of smell.  Flyball is for dogs who are quick on their feet.  Agility is a fun activity that involves dogs running jumping, climbing up, over and through obstacles.  Originally, these activities were only available to purebred dogs but today there are competitive trials for purebreds and for mixed breeds. If you are wondering why people even bother getting a title, read a well-known explanation by Sandy Mowery.

Shortly after NYOC was formed in 1961, the club began to hold its own licensed obedience trials. Today, the NYOC trials are held in June of each year.

In most competitive events, human or canine, there are different levels related to ability and extent of training.  As you and your canine partner climb the ladder of skills, you earn titles.  There are an incredible number of titles in many different dog sports and the basis for all of them is good solid training.  This is often referred to as “obedience training”. The first three obedience titles are Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent and Utility Dog.  Earning a Utility Dog title is a bit like getting a PhD!

We have members who compete and earn titles every year; a few of our members have earned the highest titles offered in obedience, tracking and rally! Their names are proudly listed in our Hall of Honour.  If you are confused by the terminology in obedience training and trials, we have developed a simplified chart of obedience terms to help you.  We also have created some Trial FAQS.

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