Why Join?


NYOC welcomes new members. The Club offers opportunities for new dog owners and for confirmed dog lovers to network with people who have an incredible range of skills and experiences. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn or do, we can probably find another member who shares your interest.

NYOC presents at least four speakers a year on a range of topics, for example: Search and Rescue dogs; canine nutrition; clicker training the gorillas at the Toronto Zoo; differences in dog training methods over the past 20 years; Kindness Club presentations in the schools; Therapeutic Paws in seniors’ residences and hospitals; service dogs for Autism and other disabilities.

As a member of the club, you can:

  • meet lots of people who love dogs and are happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you
  • learn more about training dogs by helping out in classes
  • contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with others
  • attend meetings to expand your understanding of the dog world and animal behaviour
  • join our Demonstration Team 
  • learn about obedience work by helping at competitive dog trials
  • promote dog sports by volunteering at our trial and in our training classes.

The comments below will give you an idea of what NYOC  means to our members.

What our current members have to say about the Club:

“NYOC has always been the ‘go to’ place for training my dogs and for me to be with other dog lovers. ” — Alice

“I have met many wonderful people and dogs through NYOC and learned so much. Becoming an NYOC member back in my tender single days has had a tremendous effect on my life. I have given to the club, but have received so much more in return. I have been a member for half of the club’s existence, and almost half of my own. NYOC is relevant more than ever in 2011 and beyond – there are more dog owners with more conflicting information about how to train. The fact that we have students who return to us with each new fur friend is a testament to the services we offer. For a small donation of time on the part of members, the rewards are numerous. I’ve always looked on my membership in NYOC as a privilege and I’m grateful to belong.” — Marci

“NYOC is special because of the members and it is a pleasure to be part of such a caring and passionate group for the simple act of loving dogs!”  — Janice

“I joined North York obedience to be more active in the obedience community and to learn more through my peers and also to grow a greater bond with my dogs.” — Iris

“I joined NYOC because I really like the people and the opportunity to train further in Rally O.” — Jane

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