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Iris-Boys at Pinery beachMy family has always lived with dogs in the house, this came natural as my parents were both raised and worked on farms in Ukraine and in Austria. We always had German Shepherds in the home; they were either pure bred or shepherd crosses.

My first purebred GSD we acquired when I was 14. He was a handful, smart but not great in the temperament department. We were planning to show him but he ended up not being show material so we decided to do obedience training with him. This was my introduction to the obedience world. My sister was a high school teacher so teaching a difficult dog was like teaching a teenager for her. I took the dog into obedience classes and my sister sat on the sidelines and watched. My sister would do the training at home and I would do the training in classes and I would enter the dog into the obedience trials. We eventually got a CD on Max with the dismay of a lot of people who thought these two newbies couldn’t pull it off.

Since that time I have had 3 more purebred GSD’s in the home, Ch. Max, CD, TT; Maya and now Simon my new kid. I also have a Sheltie named Rocky who was passed on to me as a 6 year dog from a divorce he is now 11 (my first rescue).

I have been a Member of the CKC and GSD club of America for 25 years; I am also a life member of the Dominion Rabbit club as I have showed rabbits for over 20 years as well. Even though I don’t show rabbits anymore I’m still a part of the Royal Winter Fair Rabbit show committee and have been for over 20 years.

I enjoy taking my dogs for walks to local parks and walking various trails in conservation areas in Ontario. I also take the boys camping with me in the summer as Simon has become quite the beach bum.

I joined North York obedience to be more active in the obedience community and to learn more through my peers and also to grow a greater bond with my dogs.

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