May 082012

My first and only dog, is Maddy, an American Eskimo cross. His two companions at home are my budgies, Taylor and Charlie.

I have been a member of NYOC for just about a year.  I recently volunteered to become the editor for the club newsletter, The Barker.  Maddy and I started in the Beginner Puppy Class on Thursday evenings and progressed from there. The NYOC instructors are terrific. They are so patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I just went in my first Rally-O competition.  Nerve wracking but fun!  Maddy did really well!  Someday soon, I would love us to be involved in a Therapy Dog program and Agility for fun.  Maddy and I also enjoy walking, running, tug toys, and most importantly, meeting other dogs and their people.

 May 8, 2012  Posted by on May 8, 2012
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