We often get great feedback on our training classes.  Here are just a few of the comments!

“Dear Diana, thank you very much for your helpful advice and words of encouragement.  We got a lot out of class. Looking forward to the next…..” — Chris

“Thanks Coach, we just finished our third leg in obedience.” — Bill and Taffy

“Diana and Dee, dog trainers extraordinaire! Russell is now a much better dog- except maybe for the ‘recall’.  So thank you for your efforts. It was so well done.  Thanks from Robbie.”

“Chico and I took three sets of classes with Dee and Diana throughout the 2009-2010 year. These two tireless women corrected and observed and remarked and corrected again. But I was just not getting it. I worried that this old student could not be taught new tricks! But they didn’t give up.  And we persevered. Eventually, the corrections and observations and remarks started to come together. There is noticeable improvement and I am even hopeful that we may get our CD before one of us is receiving our old age pension.” —  Kathy

“NYOC has always been the ‘go to’ place to enjoy the training for my dogs and myself and to be with other dog lovers.” — Alice

“The NYOC instructors are terrific. They are so patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Someday soon, I would love to be involved in a Therapy dog program and Agility for fun.” —  Devora

“I started training with my neighbour’s Sheltie, the perfect breed for a twelve year old with no idea of what she was doing. With support from many people at NYOC, Ceildh and I got our CD in three trials!  —  Michelle

“When I first took my dog, Dinah, to NYOC she was hyper, jumpy, extremely playful and would run away if you were trying to get her. After a few weeks in Anne’s beginner class, Dinah’s behaviour started to change. For the better!” — Katie

“Buster was a yellow Labrador. When Buster was a puppy, I found a place for my father to take him for training; it was NYOC, operating out of St. Patrick’s Church. That was in 1986 or so. When I had a chance, I accompanied my dad and Buster to class. Those NYOC training classes really helped develop a bond between a very exuberant puppy and my aging father.” — Pat

“NYOC is where it all started for me. I came with my first Bichon, Mandy, just for her to learn to be a well-behaved dog. By the time she earned her CDX in Canada and the US, I knew there was no looking back. I have met some great mentors and got lots of advice over the years.” —  Daryl

“We started classes at NYOC when we got Charlie as a rescue. We didn’t really know what an obedience club was – we just wanted him to be a good canine citizen and a good companion. But through our classes we were bitten by the obedience bug and that led to involvement in a variety of other dog sports. ” — Marg

“In order to buy Ebony, a German Shepherd Dog, I had to swear to get her trained properly, and NYOC was a great find. With NYOC, and other dog sports, I have a new hobby that will keep me active for a long time to come.” —  Joseph

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