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NYOC is a not-for-profit dog training club. It is not necessary for you to be a club member in order to take any of our classes. We offer training classes for all breeds and at various levels of ability.

NYOC instructors are all club members who volunteer their time, experience and expertise to the public.  Their training and competition knowledge range from Conformation to Obedience and Tracking, from Rally Obedience to Agility.  Many of our instructors have earned titles in various competitions approved by the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, and the United Kennel Club.  All of them have years of experience working with many different breeds of dogs.  As a result, our students get the best possible guidance to ensure that their dogs learn to be well-mannered companions.

Please read the following descriptions carefully so that you register at the appropriate level.

We offer the following classes but not necessarily all at the same time. The actual classes being offered for this session can be found by going to Classes.

Classes are once a week for 8 sessions and cost $175 unless stated otherwise.

The Canine Good Neighbour Test Preparation is 3 weeks only and costs $50.

Training Classes are held at St John’s Church (formerly St. Patrick’s)  1087 Lillian St, North York.

Puppy Kindergarten

Have a new puppy?  Get things off to a great start with our Puppy Kindergarten class.  Designed for puppies between eight and fifteen weeks of age at the beginning of the class, this class focuses on proper socialization during the most crucial development stage in your dog’s life.  It may start off looking like chaos but in Puppy Kindergarten you will learn to:

  1. Get your puppy to focus his/her attention on you
  2. Safely accustom your puppy to interacting with other dogs, big and small
  3. Build the confidence needed by your puppy in mastering new behaviours
  4. Introduce your puppy to new objects and environmental stimuli in a non-frightening manner
  5. Make your puppy feel more comfortable when handled by familiar and unfamiliar people

And you’ll get lots of tips on how to take care of your puppy now so that you and your canine companion will have a long and healthy relationship.


Beginners I

People taking this class want to have a well-mannered and obedient puppy/dog that will be welcome in most situations.

Basic obedience exercises are taught including sit, down, stay, heeling on leash, and coming when called. Minor distractions are used to ensure success. Class discussions include how to use praise effectively, choice of collars, and lots more.

The key behaviours taught in this class are:

  1. Paying attention
  2. Heeling on lead
  3. Introduction to basic recall
  4. Sit when asked
  5. Down when asked
  6. Gently accepting praise, rewards, and treats from handler and family.


Beginners II *

Beginners II introduces new skills and continues to build on the exercises taught at the Beginner I level.  Distractions are introduced to increase the dog’s attention to the handler. This class is designed to establish consistent obedience training for those who would like the family dog to behave better at home and on leash. A few formal hand signals are introduced as well as distractions including other dogs, people, food, noise, etc. The Beginners 2 class also includes the exercises required for the Canine Good Neighbour Test (see Canine Good Neighbour test below) and the beginning exercises for the Pre-Companion Dog (PCD) title.

Testing is often used as a training assessment tool to evaluate the dog and handler’s attention to detail and timing.  The Pre-Companion Dog (PCD) title is a transition title for handler/dog teams working towards their first level of formal obedience testing.


The key behaviours taught in this class are:

  1. Proper heeling with a loose leash
  2. Tight turns left and right while maintaining a proper heel position
  3. Sitting while examined by other people
  4. Off leash recalls from at least 20 feet
  5. Sit with stay for at least 1 minute
  6. Down with stay for at least 2 minutes.

* Prerequisite: successful completion of Beginners I


Intermediate *

This class is a continuation of the skills taught at previous levels. Although geared towards formal obedience training, this class will help all handlers extend their training.

Exercises in the class help prepare you and your dog for the Companion Dog (CD) title. This is the first major obedience title for handler/dog teams.

Formal obedience exercises are taught as well as the use of formal hand signals. The major focus for this level is attention to minor details, timing, and the handler’s body language. Major distractions will be used including other dogs, people, food, noise, etc.

The key behaviours taught in this class are:

  1. Proper on and off leash heeling
  2. Proper figure eight turns while maintaining a proper heel position
  3. Standing while examined by other people
  4. Off leash recalls from at least 40 feet with a formal finish
  5. Sit with stay for at least 1 minutes
  6. Down with stay for at least 3 minutes.

* Prerequisite: successful completion of Beginners II


Trial Preparation *

This class will extend and polish the skills taught in our Intermediate class but at a more rigorous and advanced level. The goal is to prepare you and your dog to compete at the CD level. Key elements will include:

  1. Preventing handler errors
  2. Precision heeling on and off leash
  3. Motivated recalls with a formal finish
  4. Sit stay for at least 1 minute with distractions
  5. Down stay for at least 3 minutes with distractions

People who have never trialed before will be given information on how to enter, participate and succeed in a trial. The new 2012 CKC rule changes will be addressed. Helpful hints pertaining to the trial such as warm up exercises, calming and motivating your dog will be covered. The instructor will also share her experience trialing at all levels in obedience.

* Participants will have a strong interest in competing in obedience trials.


Rally Obedience Beginner’s Class *

Our Rally Obedience Class is an exciting way for you and your dog to learn to work effectively as a team while refining and enhancing what you have learned in previous classes.

In Rally Obedience, you and your dog negotiate a course consisting of signs that instruct you to do anything from a sit and stay to weaving through pylons, or even performing a figure-eight exercise while your dog has to ignore strategically placed food bowls!  The course is different each time so it is always new and challenging.  You and your dog will have so much fun you might even want to enter ourRally Obedience trial in June!

Each week, the course lay-out will change. We will review exercises, introduce new ones and give you tips on how to develop your dog handling skills.  Some of the exercises you’ll encounter include:

  1. Sit, down, stay, walk around your dog
  2. Pivot, figure eight, spiral
  3. Come, heel slow, normal, fast, finish left and right
  4. Turns of 90, 180, 270 and 360 left and right
  5. Pace changes, forwards, backing up

* Prerequisite:  successful completion of Beginners II. Dogs should be able to heel on a loose leash.

Rally Obedience Advanced Class *

This class will use more advanced exercises thanRally Obedience for Beginners.  For instance, the class will will include jumps and use signs that are included in Rally Advanced and Excellent trials.

* Prerequisite:  dogs and handlers must have earned a Rally Novice title or a Companion Dog Obedience title.


Open ‘Companion Dog Excellent’ *

The Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title is the second major obedience title for handler/dog teams. It is required for those working towards the coveted Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh) title.

Formal obedience is taught. Formal hand signals are used. Major focus for this level is attention to minor details, timing, and the handler’s body language.

The key behaviours taught in this class are:

  1. Proper off leash heeling with figure eight turns
  2. Recalls with down from at least 40 feet
  3. Retrieve a dumbbell from about 20 feet over flat terrain
  4. Retrieve a dumbbell from about 16 feet with high jump in the middle
  5. Broad jump over a series of boards at least 8 feet away
  6. Sit with explicit stay for at least 3 minutes
  7. Down with explicit stay for at least 3 minutes.

* Prerequisite:  successful completion of Intermediate level or with permission from the Training Director.


Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) Test Preparation

The Canine Good Neighbour Test was designed by the CKC for all dogs not just purebreds. Passing the CGN shows that your dog can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs.  The exercises for the CGN are generally included in the Beginner II classes.

We occasionally run a separate three week course for the CGN. This preparation program is only three classes in length.  It is designed to give you and your dog the confidence necessary to take the CGN test.  Your dog should already have attended training classes that taught basic behaviours such as come, sit, stay, heel.  In this set of three classes, we will practice the 12 exercises required to pass the CGN test. We will also explain to you what you need to bring to the test and how to locate a CGN testing site.  You can also find this information here.

The 12 exercises in the CGN involve:

  1. accepting a friendly stranger
  2. accepting grooming and examination from someone
  3. coming when called
  4. responding appropriately to praise/interaction
  5. politely accepting petting
  6. reacting appropriately to a passing dog
  7. walking calmly on a leash
  8. reacting appropriately to a distraction e.,g., baby stroller
  9. walking through a crowd
  10. staying calmly with someone else (supervised isolation)
  11. sit/down stay (on a long line)
  12. walking through a door/gate


Canine Tricks *

The Tricks class is a great way to build communication skills, increase dog to handler focus, and provide your dog with necessary mental stimulation, all in a fun, interactive environment. It is also a great way to spend quality time indoors with your dog during those cold and dark winter evenings.
Tricks taught will include: take a bow; shake hands; high five; prairie dog imitations and more. Remember, old dogs can learn new tricks!

* Open to all dogs comfortable being in close proximity with other dogs.

Canine Games *

Canine games is a high energy activity for dogs requiring speed, agility and obedience.  Events include relay races, musical chairs, temptation alley, targeted retrieves and skills demonstrations.

With a focus on fun, the course’s main purpose is to improve your dog’s reliability in the face of multiple distractions – great for proofing your dog for dog-sport competitions.

* Dogs must be well socialized and able to work off leash in a busy environment. Any aggressive behaviour will exclude a dog from this class.


For information on how to register, look at our class schedule and registration policies.

Please email or call 416-222-4109 for further information.

Remember, a dog is a lifetime commitment.

Enjoy your training with us and enjoy your life with your dog.

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