We hope that our training classes will be fun for your dog. The classes will be work for you, though! Enjoyable work, hopefully!

There is no magic wand in dog training. You will need to work with your dog for approximately 15 minutes every day preferably in a variety of locations e.g., at home, outside, away from home, in order for you and your dog to gain as much as possible from the classes.

New training sessions start Tuesday March 20th and Thursday March 22nd.   See schedule below for available classes, dates and times.

Registration is now open.  Cost for the 8 week series: $175.

Please Note:  All Thursday night classes for the spring session are now full.

Dates Schedule Time Class Name Description Registration
March 20 to May 8, weekly
Tuesday 7:00pm Rally Beginner In Rally-O, you and your dog negotiate a course consisting of signs that instruct you to do anything from a sit and stay to weaving through pylons. non member registration member registration
7:45pm Rally Advanced Registrants must have earned a Rally Novice or Companion Dog Title. This class uses rally signs for beginner, advanced and excellent levels.
8:30pm Trial Prep This class will extend and polish the skills taught in our Intermediate class but a more rigorous and advanced level. The goal is to prepare you and your dog to compete at the PCD and CD levels.
9:15pm Drill Team Practice
March 22 to May 17, weekly (Please note that there will not be a class on March 29th)
Thursday 7:00pm Puppy Kindergarten

Sorry, this class is full!

Have a new puppy? Get things off to a great start with our Puppy Kindergarten class. Designed for puppies between eight and fifteen weeks of age at the beginning of the class, this class focuses on proper socialization during the most crucial development stage in your dog’s life.
7:45pm Beginners I

Sorry, this class is full!

People taking this class want to have a well-mannered and obedient puppy/dog that will be welcome in most situations. Basic obedience exercises are taught including sit, down, stay, heeling on leash, and coming when called.
8:30pm Beginners II

Sorry, this class is full!

Prerequisite for Beginners II is Beginners I or equivalent. Beginners II introduces new skills and continues to build on the exercises taught in Beginner I. The focus is on consistent obedience training for those who want the family dog to behave better at home and on leash. This class will also prepare you for the Canine Good Neighbour test.


Please check out our full list of class descriptions for other classes.

Please email or call 416-222-4109 for further information.


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