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Member Profile - Debra

Member Profile – Debra

I am a lover of all animals big and small!  I have shared my home with everything from the formidable Argentine Dogo and American Pit Bull Terrier to rats and ferrets, and the sweet and lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. [Read more]

Member Profile - Jane

Member Profile – Jane

Currently I own a golden retriever (Hartley) and a border collie (Guinness).  I have competed in Rally O (CKC and CARO) with both dogs. Both have their CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) and Hartley has also received a Junior title in Dock [Read more]

Member Profile - Iris

Member Profile – Iris

My family has always lived with dogs in the house, this came natural as my parents were both raised and worked on farms in Ukraine and in Austria. We always had German Shepherds in the home; they were either pure [Read more]

Member Profile - Devora

Member Profile – Devora

My first and only dog, is Maddy, an American Eskimo cross. His two companions at home are my budgies, Taylor and Charlie. I have been a member of NYOC for just about a year.  I recently volunteered to become the [Read more]

Member Profile - Marie

Member Profile – Marie

My dogs and I enjoy many activities. I started with obedience but I also take part in conformation shows, tracking tests, hunt tests, rally-O, and CGN tests. In 1996 I became a tracking judge and have judged in New Brunswick, [Read more]

Member Profile - Anne

Member Profile – Anne

Over the years, I have had a number of dogs of different breeds; mixed breeds, Labradors, English Springer Spaniels, and Portuguese Water Dogs. My present dogs are both Portuguese Water Dogs. Samba (eight) is my most versatile dog so far [Read more]

Member Profile - Ann P.

Member Profile – Ann P.

Through NYOC, I discovered the world of dogs. I have enjoyed trialing – not to great heights, but the experience was fun. I attended Volhard’s Dog Camps with other NYOC members. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the camping. [Read more]

Member Profile - Pat H.

Member Profile – Pat H.

After growing up with the family miniature poodle, Chester, I headed off to university. Then I had various jobs which put me on the road four or five days a week. All this work kept me away too often to [Read more]

Member Profile - Sharon P.

Member Profile – Sharon P.

My parents bought me my first Standard Poodle (a chocolate named Cocoa) and I fell in love with the breed and trained him to his CDX. When I got my second Standard Poodle, Satan (yes, I now know that dogs [Read more]

Member Profile - Joseph

Member Profile – Joseph

Over the years, I have had a number of different breeds of dogs.  Spice, a Rough Collie, was for our son. We had the traditional idea of a boy and his dog. I ended up with most of the care [Read more]

Member Profile - Alice

Member Profile – Alice

So it is all my mother’s fault! She was a small-time breeder of high quality Boxers in Saskatoon. I loved the look of these fun-loving animals with their well-balanced bodies, clear muscular outline, and their sweet adorable faces. (Well that’s [Read more]

Member Profile - Laura D.

Member Profile – Laura D.

I grew up with a Border Collie who has yet to relinquish his ‘best dog ever’ status. As an adult I’ve had a Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Afghan Hounds and Bulldogs. My last Bulldog, Putty, was the dog [Read more]

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