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NYOC Dog Training is a branch of the North York Obedience Club, Inc., a not-for-profit organization. The Club has about 70 members most of whom volunteer in some capacity during the year.

NYOC is one of the oldest dog obedience clubs in the Toronto area. It was founded in 1961 by a group of people who wanted to improve their own dogs’ performance and bring qualified dog training to the public. When the club was incorporated in 1991, the constitution stated that the purpose of the club was to educate people about dogs and to stimulate interest in obedience trials. The following year, the club held its first licensed obedience trial under CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) rules.

Originally, the club offered two types of classes:  training for the family pet and training for the trial-oriented enthusiast.  Over the years NYOC has expanded so that we now offer:

  • Training for all levels including puppy, beginner and intermediate levels for the family pet.
  • Rally and obedience classes for dogs and handlers who want to go into competition
  • Four annual licensed obedience and rally trials
  • A correction match preceding the trial
  • A Demonstration Team that performs free of charge for hospitals, seniors’ residences, libraries, and community groups
  • Regular meetings for social, educational and organizational purposes
  • A Club newsletter for members
  • Opportunities to meet and network with dog people who have a wide range of interests

Holland Bloorview RehabAs a not-for-profit organization, NYOC offers training classes at rates below most other dog training businesses.  The training fees from our classes go towards the cost of the training premises, the purchase of equipment, running our obedience and rally trials, supporting the Demonstration Team, and paying for speakers to address Club members on a variety of topics.  Any money left over at the end of year is donated to charities related to dogs.  For instance, we have made donations to the Ontario Veterinary College Trust Fund, Speaking of Dogs and other rescue organizations, the SPCA, Autism Service Dogs and many others.

We are governed by a constitution

Below are comments about what NYOC has meant to the members, some of whom now live as far away as British Columbia.

What NYOC Means To Me – from our Members

“I joined NYOC while still in university, and now I am retired! I made many, many life decisions based on dogs, including who I married, where we lived, what cars we bought, where we vacationed, etc. NYOC is not just a dog club, it is a source of lasting friendships, and played an important role in making me who I am today.” — Janet H.

“I am proud to be a member of NYOC. The members are friendly and helpful and we remember that dogs are fun, and that it’s a good thing to keep learning! The fact that so many members have been members for such a long time says a great deal about the club.” — Laura D.

“NYOC is where it all started for me. I came with my first Bichon, Mandy, just for her to learn to be a well-behaved dog. By the time she earned her CDX in Canada and the US, I knew there was no looking back. I have met some great mentors and got lots of advice over the years. I have also participated in NYOC by helping out at a couple of trials and taught classes from Beginner to Open.”  — Daryl

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